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Dreams That Can Be Accomplished African American history is filled with a plethora of contributions in the music, acting, and sport industries, but some young adults fail to recognize the African American contributions to the science field. For decades, minority women have been the most underrepresented individuals in science, engineering, and medicine. Being one of less than 100 African American women physicists in the United States, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has been an inspiration to me to pursue a degree in Chemistry. She once said, “It’s important to know that our brains are capable of more.” It is important for African American women to further their skills and know that they are a valuable part of the workplace and that their contributions to STEM is essential.…show more content…
Green became an orphan and, as a result, her aunt and uncle gained guardianship. Dr. Green attended Alabama A&M, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics. Later on, her aunt was diagnosed with a form of women’s cancer. Subsequent to her aunt’s diagnosis, Dr. Green became the primary caregiver for her. Being an employee at a nursing facility for two years, I know that being a caregiver is vital to those in need. Being a caregiver is hard work, but Dr. Green and myself, set aside time to provide for those. After months of painful chemotherapy, her aunt decided that she no longer wanted to live with the side effects of chemotherapy. After the death of her aunt, three months later her uncle was diagnosed with

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