African American Culture And Identity

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Each and every individual has their own novel character and culture. A "personality" is the picture that one anticipates out into the rest if the world and "culture" is the picture which one has of themselves. A man 's convictions and ethics are made up by culture and stay all through your whole life. Culture is the thing that made you the individual you are today and figures out who or what you relate yourself with. Your experience and childhood is the thing that separates you from other people on the grounds that nobody has been raised the same. My personality would not exist if not for my own particular culture and the qualities I have conveyed from it along the years. The ethics I have today exist due to the specific culture I experienced…show more content…
As well as some religious and economic practices, besides, families, community and political systems. “The Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts movement are only two of many periods in black history that have shaped the African American experience” (, 2010). The previous sentence confirms that black history is not only impacting the African American history or culture but also this shaped their American experience. Eventually, culture refers to the way of life in what they are from, what dialect they talk and their religion, while identity means their nationalities and in to which country they belong. Both parts can’t be separated from one another, and both play important role in defining one character. References Shepard,, S. (2014). Black Americans And The American Cultural Identity,. .. Retrieved 16 November 2016, from cultural-identity/ How Black History Has Shaped The African American Experience. (2010). Retrieved 16 November 2016, from black-history-has-shaped-african-american-experience Staff, N. (2011). I’m Not African, I’m American” The New Black Identity. Retrieved 16 November 2016, from
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