African American Culture And Pop Culture

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African-American pop culture and pop culture in general, may be researched by a lot of researchers but I still get the impression that its roots are badly overlooked. Pop culture isn’t only an entertainment but it has some great depth into it that makes it worth learning the subject. In my thesis, I want to give more attention to the development of the African-American culture throughout all these years from the very beginning. How only one race can make a significant changes, not only in their own nation but in the country they’ve been brought to ruthlessly. It’s amazing how the human race that used to be treated literally like animals, representing the lowest class, benefitted the ones that used them in the past with their creativity in more than one way.
I, personally, find this topic extremely interesting. I couldn’t help but appreciate the hard work Africans did and at some point they still do. For some people I might seem like I’m ever-thinking this and giving them too much credits but I’ll try to prove my point by using some facts from the history of the American culture.
In the this thesis I will be talking about the history: how it all started; what kind of suffering they met at the very beginning; how they struggled to achieve the main goal that is freedom and equality in the New World.
I’m fascinated by the fact that Africans were still capable of creating art out of every activity they had to do.
It’s impossible not to mention “music” when we are

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