African American Culture

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Africans have been migrating to America for about two hundred years already, forced, and voluntary. For these two hundred years, the migrants from Africa have heavily impacted America’s society, even though america’s society is mainly built up of Europeans. Migrants from Africa have socially impacted America by sharing their cultures, having anti-racist campaigns, and re-defining sports in America. Back since the Africans have been forced to migrate to the America by Europeans, there have been signs of their culture spreading throughout the continent. Now, their culture can clearly be seen today in America, where there are still more migrants coming from Africa. A sign of their culture can be clearly seen through America’s main festivals and holidays. In America, there is a festival known as Kwanzaa that was founded in the 1960s by the African migrants in America. Kwanzaa is a festival that is celebrated for the immigrants from Africa. The festival consists of traditions from parts of west Africa, though it is only celebrated in America. This is because the festival is celebrated in memory of the African migrants’ own culture, and it connects them with their own heritage back in Africa. In America, this festival isn’t considered a federal public holiday, but it is a well known holiday in America. Another sign of their culture can be seen through the food of America. Many American foods today are based on an African American cuisine called soul food. Soul food uses African
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