African Immigration To America Research Paper

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Africans have been migrating to America for about two hundred years already, forced, and voluntary. For these two hundred years, the migrants from Africa have heavily impacted America’s society, even though america’s society is mainly built up of Europeans. Migrants from Africa have socially impacted America by sharing their cultures, having anti-racist campaigns, and re-defining sports in America. Back since the Africans have been forced to migrate to the America by Europeans, there have been signs of their culture spreading throughout the continent. Now, their culture can clearly be seen today in America, where there are still more migrants coming from Africa. A sign of their culture can be clearly seen through America’s main festivals and…show more content…
This allowed them to contribute in a lot of sports, re-defining American culture. Basketball is one of the most popular sports throughout all of America. This sport allowed the African migrants in America to heavily impact American entertainment. Many African migrants were taller and stronger than other Americans. Being tall is ideal for playing basketball, so many basketball teams throughout the country looked for these people. Most basketball teams in America today are made up of the descendants of African migrants. This has changed the whole culture of the whole country because before, well known sports like these used to be only played by Europeans and Americans. In America, African migrants have much better physical capabilities. Because of this, many of them have been invited to represent America in the Olympics. By representing America, people look up to them, instead of just seeing them as migrants. This has also changed America’s sport industry because sports in America used to be played by European Americans, but now it is mainly dominated by the African migrants and their
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