African American Drug War

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The 2002 University of Washington made a study about the drug war in Seattle. They focused on African Americans and whites who both races sold drugs. The study found that white people were the ones who had a bigger drug business than African Americans. The only difference was that white people sold drugs in doors. They were located in middle class neighborhoods where there was no crime going on, therefore; it was more difficult for the police to detect their criminal activity. The police focused more outdoors in the “ghetto” neighborhoods where African American did most of their drug dealing. The study also found out that white people were less likely to be arrested even though their drug business was visible and present to police, whites were known for selling heroin and blacks for selling crack. Also, police tend to view the drug problem by only arresting people who sold crack which were African American. Although they had records of hospitals indicating that there were more deaths on heroin than crack and heroin was sold by whites. For example the police did not focused on whites their main focused were Latinos and Blacks because they had a bad reputation to the Seattle police department and they were label as criminals. Stop and searcher are high crimes in the…show more content…
The DEA came up with a program called operation pipeline which tend to prepare and train a group of people in law enforcement to really know how to look and find for drugs in cars. It came to a point where they had to stop accusing every African American for being drug dealers. People had to actually to a traffic violation that gave the police a reason to stop them and from there they can search for drugs. If there was no traffic violation police couldn’t stop color people just because they thought they had
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