African American Education Analysis

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African American education is important because it is by having education that African Americans can become well prepared for college, attend college, earn the same salaries as Caucasians and become successful in life. For many years, schools in America were segregated. In African American schools, most African American students did not have all of the laboratories, facilities, and quality of teaching that Caucasian students had.
Five reasons why education is important to African Americans include money, equality, turning dreams into reality, economy and society (Levine). 1. MONEY

According to Don Lemon, in 2013, all American high school graduates made on average $28,000 per year, while high school dropouts made …show more content…

According to Smokey Fontaine, in 2000, President Barak Obama said, “If we close the achievement gap, then a big chunk of economic inequality in this society is diminished. Now, how do we do that? Better teachers, greater accountability, and more resources combined with more reform” (Fontain).
In the area of better teachers, Adam Fairclough, a man who studied the history of civil rights, wrote a book that looked at African American teachers in the South from the time of emancipation in 1865 to integration in 1965. In this book, real men and women with bold memories of the African American teacher, told stories about teachers that taught in one-room shacks all the way to African American professors that taught in red brick universities (A Class of Their Own).
Since 2010 many States have been developing better teachers by rewarding the performance of the teachers with higher pay. President Obama developed policies and proposals in education to get all children ready for college. To help with Early Education, the Recovery Act was able to get $4 billion for programs like Head Start and Early Head Start, which provide education and involvement of the parent services to low-income families for babies and children up to 5 years old. In 2010, President Obama’s budget significantly increased the amount of money going to these …show more content…

School punishment is causing pain or discomfort in response to undesired behavior by students in schools. It may involve striking the student either across the behind or on the hands, with an object such as a cane, wooden paddle, slipper, leather strap or wooden yardstick. It could also be spanking or hitting the student with the open hand, especially at the elementary school level. They used 2015 NCES data to show that 43% of Caucasian 8th graders were proficient in math while only 13 % of African American students and 19 % of Hispanic students tested at this level. This data also shows that 44% of Caucasian 8th graders tested proficient in reading, while 21% of Hispanic students, and only 16% of African American students tested proficient

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