Analysis Of The Film Glory, By Edward Zick

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Throughout all of American history, African Americans face injustice. Despite this, they keep their head up high and endure the pain and suffering, no matter how bad the conditions may get. A great example of this is the experiences of African American soldiers of the civil war. They were treated unfairly, receiving less pay than their white colleagues, living in worse conditions, and even looked down upon (whether they were high in rank or not). The movie Glory, directed by Edward Zick, conveys the African American experience during the civil war beautifully, showing a very accurate perspective of what it might have really been like for the people. Although there were many powerful instances in the movie, the three most important scenes in the movie are Trip’s whipping, the moments following the Confederates’ announcement, and the attack on Fort Wagner because they show the resilience and determination of the soldiers. Marching, shooting, shouting, and training nonstop day and night for weeks straight is bad enough. Now imagine if you did not have the proper equipment to do so, for instance ragged clothes in cold weather or torn shoes on the wet and rocky cold Massachusetts grounds. It…show more content…
Though conquering it, or attempting to would be a blood blath, and everyone knew it. Despite this, Colonel Shaw, knowing how tough his regiment was, volunteered them to go in first. Staring death in the face, tje group advanced with grace. They never went backwards, only stopping to wait until they could move forward. Sadly all the members of the regiment were killed, but their determination and their memory spread throughout America. Many other African Americans, joined the army to fight for their fredom just as these soldiers did, and evidently without these people the Union would have had a much less of chance
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