African American Family Traditions

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List of traditions of your culture and how it related to your family
The culture I identify is African American. The African American culture have several traditions that my family and I practice. The traditions of the African American culture that are practices among my family are maintaining family relationships, practicing Christianity, maintain hospitality, gaining education, and cooking.
In the African American culture, families maintain a strong bond though many function like family reunions. My family are take pride in create family gathers especially for holiday, special event and even for funerals. When I was a child, my immediate family would always celebrate every holiday with our cousins. They would choose someone house to host
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The African American culture takes pride in cooking and food in general. Food is mostly provided or prepared for any occasion like family reunions, cook outs, holidays, and funerals. My mother and her cousin, Sherrie would decide who house to celebrate holidays or cook outs and each person would cook and prepare the food for any of our family gathers. My mother also prepared traditional southern meals in our home. Home cooked meals are a value in the family as well as the African American culture. The thought of home cooked meals mean someone took the time to prepare the food so their family can have a balance…show more content…
The history of African American’s family structure during slavery which were every member of a family was sold to individual owners. Family structure is important to develop and cultivate in the African American culture.
The tradition of hospitality in the southern African American culture implies the cultural values of the principles of the Christian faith. Everyone should show respect toward authority figures, parents, elders, and others.
The tradition of education in the African American culture implies the cultural values of the better opportunities for the family. Education provides an efficient ways to avoid the struggles that other African American’s families had to endure to provide a stable life for their families.
An understanding of your ethnic culture
My understanding of my ethnic culture is African American once was an oppressed group of people in the United States of America. African Americans were enslaved by Caucasian Americans and was treated as property. During the times of oppression, African American was not prohibited to read or write, to maintain stable family relationship and to have human rights. This traditions of the African American culture are emplace so the generations of African American can experience the rights other African Americans were
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