African American Fatherhood

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Most recent finding on teen parenthood focuses on the teen mother as a result; a vast amount of information is missing from the experience of teen fathers. According to Mollborn (2010), “A large and growing body of literature on teenage childbearing generally focuses on one of two areas: preventing teenage pregnancy or documenting its consequences for young mothers and their families”. Based on the lack of emphasis placed on African American teen fathers provides an indication there is a need for a continuation of research to gain insight on the experience of being a African American teen father. Coles (2009b) conducted a study where she explored several factors of African American fatherhood. Cole interviewed 21 single African American fathers…show more content…
African American teen fathers have other responsibilities that may affect their ability to care for their child or children financially. For example, school, sports, and maybe the responsibility of caring for other siblings could affect time and ability to care for their child or children financially. A study conducted by Lerman (2010), found that young, minority, and poorly educated teen fathers in fragile families have little capacity to support their children financially and are hard-pressed to maintain stability in raising those children. In this study Lerman explored the capabilities and contribution of fathers and how that changes as the child get older. Lerman (2010) found, “ employment levels, and employment growth is that 40 percent of fathers, nonresident fathers are teen fathers, compared with only about 16 percent of cohabiting fathers and 0.1 percent of married fathers. The weak job market outcomes of teen fathers virtually none of whom are married--means that a large segment of unwed, nonresident fathers starts far behind other groups of fathers, but their earnings rise rapidly as they age into their twenties.” Lerman also found Fathers who work fewer hours, work at less demanding jobs, engage in less intensive job search, or work less hard at keeping a job may not realize their full earnings capability which affects their ability to care and connect with their children (Lerman, 2010 p. 63). Other areas that may affect African
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