African American Imperialism Dbq

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Many Europeans did not treat the Africans well. Many colonists started colonizing in the New World for three main reasons: God, Gold, and Glory. Colonists met Native Americans there and wanted the Native Americans to work for the them, which led to bad treatment of the Native Americans and also led to slavery. The Industrial Revolution soon started and people needed more natural resources for all the resources being produced. During the 19th Century, many Boers made colonies, land controlled by another country, on the land lended to them by Africans; soon afterward the colonizers started deceiving the African. They wrote a treaty to give a limit to African rule and held the Berlin Conference to divide Africa for the six European countries. …show more content…

According to Document H, Letter to Leopold II, people tried to trick many Africans into giving them land. In document H it says,” Mr. Henry Stanley and several Zanzibar soldiers used carefully rehearsed… sleight of hand tricks when making treaties with the native chiefs of the Independent State of the Congo… whole villages have been signed away to Your Majesty.” This shows how the colonizers were trying to gain land, maybe to gain wealth that came from the trade there, for their country. Document E, Letter to Sir George Grey, states,” …Sir George Napier, marked down my limits on a treaty he made with me. I was to be ruler within those limits… It was proposed that all desiring to be under the British rule should live in that part near the meeting of the Orange and Caledon rivers.” This text is showing how the European country was limiting the rule of Moshweshewe. European countries were at the start of political …show more content…

In document A, the Englishman is larger in size compared to Africa to show their superiority over Africa. In document B, Speech Before The French Chamber of Deputies, it states,” We must say openly that indeed the higher races have a right over the lower races...They have the duty to civilize the inferior races… .” This is saying that these colonizers thought of themselves as superior and Africans as an inferior race making them think that they can control the Africans into doing what they want. In document E it states,” The Boers then began to talk of their right to places I had lent them.” This is saying that the colonizers had thought that they could take anything for themselves without the authority of the chief. Many European countries who colonized African territories thought of themselves as a superior

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