African American Incarceration Analysis

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Perhaps African American incarcerations is a major issue in the United States? To some magnitude prison systems are not solving original mission. Originally prison systems in the 1930’s were invented to protect the society and confine offender in a controlled environment. Yet, the mission in the 21st century for the prison system is to enforce the law and protect the welfares of the United States. The society is incapable to control crimes, and depend on higher authorities to take responsibility of controlling crimes. Higher authorities administer laws, and regulate laws making the United States a harmless environment. Amongst our society social divisions between the higher class and lower class has risen. Imagine being incarcerated, being …show more content…

The retribution part is to punish the person for the crime that they permitted against society, and the incapacitation part is to remove that person out of society so they do no further harm. Deterrence means the prevention of future crime, and the rehabilitation teaches life skills and in the betterment. However, author Sandiford says that instead of solving crime, mass incarceration has infected our communities and striking them with devastating symptoms, and prison costs have skyrocketed, inmates ' families have been torn apart, and the system is overwhelmingly stratified by race and class (Sandiford, …show more content…

A common concern for people would have to be what is the cost of building a prison? Nevertheless, the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prison has double the last decade to pay for the cost of prisons, which they raised two billion dollars. Thus, the rise of incarceration causes for more prisons, and government seems to have no problem with funding for more prisons. The prison-industrial complex is a term coined from the infamous military-industrial complex--a name that originated during World War II, referring to the enormous amounts of money spent and made in the name of building the biggest war machine ever assembled (Hartman, 2000). This makes the prison industry in the second fastest growing industry in the

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