African American Inequality Essay

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As an African American educator I am unable to do many things, such as voting and having access to economic opportunities. There are many Americans who are able to vote due to the fact of their skin tone which is simply unfair. We are all Americans we just have somewhat of a different race.
In past times many African American citizens and other races suffered from slavery and inequality. This took a huge turn after the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights movement began due to the fact of so much inequality that was going on so many civilians got equality for example in jobs.
In source #1 it states that about one third of the population in the South is Negro race, and the opportunity of having African-Americans and Americans work together
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Colored people are left behind without representation in any court of justice for the feeble remnant of voters left by law that is inconsiderable without shadow of power. Now that the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment passed it guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law, and prohibits denying men the right to vote because of their race. It states this in the last two paragraphs. In 1900, Africans Americans worked in jobs that were mainly in Agriculture and domestic. In source 3 it shows about 85 percent of African Americans work in Agriculture and Domestic jobs. There is about 1 to 5 percent who are working in professions which is not a whole lot of them. This is holding them back to expand economically. The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was passed and it authorized the formation of local Community Action Agencies as part of the War on Poverty. The agencies are directly regulated by the federal government. Not only has this helped poverty a lot but it also opened a lot of new programs and jobs for all ages, races, and gender. A whole lot has changed due to the fact of the Civil Rights Movement which I am thankful for. Now I am able to work where I want and with whom I want. Also I am able to vote and have a say in many new laws. Lastly I am able to have access to economic opportunities and to be a free
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