African American Informative Speech

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As soon as I walked out of the kitchen I see Wes punching his sister in the face. I was so filled with rage that my eyeballs popped out of my socket. That’s when I started to yell “get up to your damn room” “I told you, don’t you ever put your hands on a woman!” (pg 7). Just seeing Wes punch his sister sent me back to that moment when Bill had beat me. I was attending the American College University in Washington, D.C. when I fell in love with the OASATAU, an organization of African and African American students, who engaged in national, international, and campus issues around them (pg 9). This organization struck a passion for justice deep within me; another reason for me getting upset with Wes the way I did. I met Bill, the treasurer of the OASATAU. We fell deeply in love and two months later we got engaged. Two years later we were married when I was…show more content…
I thought that I could change my husband for the better, so I decided to have a child with him, hoping that this would get him to change. This was so terribly wrong. His physical, emotional, and mental abuse just got worse. One night Bill came home and yelled at me for not washing the dishes. His yelling was going to wake up Nikki, so I tried to quiet him down. The next thing I know Bill had grabbed me and threw me down. Then he grabbed me by my T-shirt and hair and dragged me toward the kitchen (pg 10). He hit me in my chest and stomach and that’s when I just couldn’t take. I screamed at him as he dragged me across the parquet floor. After he had dragged me into the kitchen, let go of me, and yelled at me again to wash the dishes, I stood up and grabbed the biggest sharpest knife I could find. I’d be damned if I would let a man do that to me, so I told him that if he ever tried that shit again that I would kill him (pg 10). I was so tired of his shit that Nikki and I packed up and left his ass for good. I vowed never to let a man treat me or any woman like that ever again (pg
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