African American Men And Women's Roles In The Civil War

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The Civil War African American men and women roles in the civil war Name Affiliation Date Introduction In 1861, most African American men welcomed the beginning of the civil war when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina after the inauguration of the U.S president Abraham Lincoln. Most of the African American men served as guards for railways and bridges, scouts and spies in addition to their participation in the war fighting troops (Smith, 2002). Because of the suffering at home, thousands of the enslaved African American women began the transition to freedom and began new lives regardless of the horrors of the civil war (Blanton and Wike, 2002). Most of the African American women also disguised themselves as men and decided to join the fight. Most of the women served as nurses while others went on the battle to fight the war. In fact, many others took on new roles at home after their fathers, husbands, and fathers responded to the arm 's calls. This essay is written with a thesis statement that the role of African American women and men did not only appear on the frontline to fight the civil war but also participated in other numerous roles such as scouting, guarding, nursing, homework, and spying. The roles of African American men and women in the civil war The first regiment for black men with designated colored troops contained some of the troops from Tennessee, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. They played a greater role at the crater battle
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