African American Migration Case Study

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This case study we will talk about the migration of African Americans, from the south to northern and western cities in the mid-twentieth century, which was one of the most significant demographic changes in The United States. This study will talk about different behaviors, theories, and how geographic context can play a role in people’s life such as: social groups, time periods, and comparative settings. Also, the two mechanisms we will focus on are instrumental mechanism and psychological mechanism. We will also talk about how diversity is important for people and the nation.
The Chicago Housing Authority has relocated thousands of families through the process of destroying and reconfiguring its massive system of public housing. The great
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“White and Black populations were separated by literal barrier in the form of the Dan Ryan Expressway.” The author says: “we therefore do not know how whites would have reacted to their African American neighbors had they been meaningfully integrated.” I will agree with the author but I also feel that the researches provided have answered the question on what the demolition of public housing teaches us about the impact on racial threat on political behavior, the effects of distance demonstrate the complexity of measuring social interactions. If both the groups had more social interaction, then the results would be completely different because interaction gives you a chance to understand the person and also it helps build a relationship. The author had shown that the further away white voters lived the demolition didn’t affect them because they had no connection with the people. I personally think if white people had a connection/relationship with the black’s then the rate of voting would affect political behavior majorly and demolition would affect the whole society. This article is very important for us in today’s times because US is a very diverse country and if we consider a certain group of people as racial threats then we will not be a united country anymore because that takes away our freedom from us. Donald Trump had recently talked…show more content…
Lauden talks about “Research Traditions” this article has provided many research that indicate the impact on racial threat on political behavior. Lauden talks about progressive tradition leads to acceptable solutions across more terrain that is, covering empirical and conceptual problems. He also suggests the progress can occur when empirical problems and conceptual problems are solved. If we had more social relations between the whites and blacks, there would not be a big problem of racial threat and the housing demolition would affect everyone. Instead of assuming and judging a group of people based on a few talkers, people should actually take the opportunity to talk to someone and get to know them personally to see how they are and that will help people with their
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