African American Museum Observation Report

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The past I have encountered outside of a school setting was going to the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas. I have always wanted to go to an African American Museum to experience the setting of the atmosphere because my peers were talking about it so much I wanted to see what the hype was about. Inside the museum there are artistic, cultural and historical materials that are preserve and display of African American Culture. There is this one exhibit that catches my eyes and it is the African Amedia, this exhibit is and open letter that inspire people to look past the stereotypes that are related to each other base on character and not the race. Not every day you face any race conflict but being in a school setting is where it is majority are especially discrimination towards each other. With the…show more content…
Just having them explain what they went through by being separated on the bus, schools, water fountains and restaurants and that it was way worst in the past shows me that I have a better opportunity now then I would of have. To this day there are certain areas that has issues with race and also certain segregation in food places, with the presentational election I believe it showed everybody true colors. You have certain people that says that they are not racist but they do and post racist things and expect you not to get upset about it, with the disaster that happened in Puerto Rico a lot of minorities are upset because of the actions that the president did. President Trump was shown throwing paper towels into the crowd and everybody viewing it as disrespectful, another time is President Trump wanting to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. These two main controversial show that he does not care about the minorities at
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