African American Passage Analysis

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I found this except from the Federal Writer’s Project interesting for several different reasons. For one, the style of this passage really stood out at me because the author ignored typical grammar rules and instead opted to accurately portray the man’s speech pattern in her dialogue. However, I found the events that occurred in this passage interesting as well. By today’s standards, it’s considered dangerous for anyone, especially a woman, to stop their car and go talk to a strange man working in the woods alone. I think that this is important because it highlights the general social environment that was common during this time period. Although everyone had their own struggles as a result of the Great Depression, most people were still very courteous and friendly with one another, even if they were strangers. I think people did this as a way to avoid making life even worse and it ties in with what the textbook mentioned about people making an effort to be kind to others because just a small act of kindness can make the difference for someone, especially during a time period like the Great Depression when everyone was struggling. Another reason why this passage is important is because it briefly discusses the wages of an African American man. The man explains that he doesn’t earn much and that he needs all the money he can get, which was a common theme for many Americans during the Great Depression. However, since the man in this passage was African American, one can assume

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