African American Perseverance In A Worn Path

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Welty’s Display Of African American Perseverance In “A Worn Path”
Everyone faces difficulties in life. But it does not matter what difficulties we face, it matters how we go about overcoming them. African Americans have had a long-standing history of obstacles. The bigotry, hate, and mistreatment towards them has denounced the life in millions of black people. They could have become complacent with their role in society, but they did not give in. They persevered. They went on through even the hardest, and bleakest moments. They fought, even when it put their life at risk. The fight for something that impactful to human nature, is more than just a resistance, it’s a journey. It’s a path. Correspondingly, a “Worn Path”, written by Eudora Welty, is a short story about an old black women who must face a multitude of obstacles in order to reach, and achieve
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Using symbols, and imagery, Eudora Welty demonstrates the perseverance of african americans in her short story “A Worn Path”. As the most apparent example of a communicative dimension of racism in the short story, Welty uses the symbol of the racist hunter, and protagonist Phoenix’s response to his discrimination, to display african american persistence. The hunter’s attitude towards Phoenix is a prominent example of discrimination. The hunter exclaims, “I know you old colored people! Wouldn 't miss going to town to see Santa Claus!”( Welty 4 ). His remark signifies the idea of minimized racism. The comment he makes, is small, and indirect, but it reduces Phoenix to a racial stereotype. These small racist remarks are often overlooked as jokes, or harmless statements, but they ultimately are diminishing someone to a racial stigma, no matter the

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