African American Persuasive Speech

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If I’m here on TV in front of millions of american adults, it means I have something really important to tell you. Did you ever say, implicitly or explicitly, that the lyrics of African-American songs are inappropriate, especially those of rappers such as N.W.A? Statistics say that 90 percent of our population have, and most of the time it was explicitly in front of black people. Now, did you ask yourself why is the language of African-Americans inappropriate? Statistics say that 70 percent of the american population doesn’t know the reason and thinks that because we are born black, we should be bad. Today I’m here to make a change in that bad perspective. I’m going to present you with some reasons that affected our language and our way of…show more content…
Police officers are targeting us because of our skin color. That shouldn't be allowed, it isn’t normal that around 800 thousands black people were arrested last year in the United States. Every black person in the United States was arrested at least one time. Police officers are treating us like animals. We get arrested, detained and even beaten because of our skin color. Most of the time, it’s the police’s mistake, they arrest us because we are black, so they think that we are criminals. Everyone is afraid of us because according to statistics, black people are dangerous and criminals. Today, I’m talking in front of everyone. I’m a black person who was arrested because I was black, not because I was criminal. After working really hard, I decided to buy a TV. I took the money and went running to the bus stop because I was late. What happened? I got arrested because they thought that I stole the money and I was trying to escape. Why is that? Because of my skin color. When they discovered that they were wrong, they didn’t apologize and they still kept the cash with them. If I wanted it back, they told me, I would have to hire a lawyer and prove it wasn’t stolen or drug money. After this experience, do you think that I will like the cops or I will praise them? The answer will be definitely no. This situation explains why African-American rappers use inappropriate language. Racial profiling affects us and can affect any…show more content…
In this example, they are talking about how police beat black youth while arresting them. They find the way they could express their feelings and their struggles. You, American adults, shouldn’t consider them the representative of our race. They are representing themselves. The United States Department of Justice should do something to stop racial profiling. Racial profiling is creating differences between our population. They should create a law saying that racial profiling is a crime and Police officers should carry out their job without any consideration of race or ethnicity. Why do rappers represent us but not Martin Luther King? Martin Luther King is a peaceful black man. All he wanted was the equality between humans and races to create a strong nation. In August, 1963, he said : ‘‘ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal. ’’ Unfortunately, this dream didn’t come true until today. This is shocking, all these years we have been fighting to unite Americans, people who are leaving together in the same country. We should work together and help each other to realize that
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