African American Police Crimes

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As African Americans we have a target on our backs one rooted in hate. However, it is our job to continue fighting for our right and our place in the world to be known. Many white officers do not receive any type of sentencing in court especially in cases that include the lost lives of one of our own. They live in fear of the threat that we pose especially when during slavery times we talked in letters or through songs rather than disobeying master. Additionally, this behavior is what we have tried to overcome, but we are constantly being judged because of the color of our skin. Furthermore, I am extremely interested in the elements of police departments, particularly in the Deep South, originating from “slave patrols” during the 18th and 19th centuries (Scott, 2014).…show more content…
This is used in modern police forces to victimize blacks and other minorities who are thrown to the greed filled prison system in the United States (Scott, 2014). Finally, I am very interested in the future of just forms of punishment for wrongful police officers that target our African American men and women. The lives of slain African Americans in the 21st century, and racist acts committed in “patrols” in the Deep South during slavery can open our eyes to finding new ways to ensure that officers will be punished for racial profiling. These officers should also be held responsible for the killings of innocent and unarmed African Americans that they commit. This can be accomplished by making sure the criminal justice system takes appropriate measures to look at all evidence. Police officers should not receive special treatment since they do not respect the law, but they take advantage of
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