African American Police Ethnicity

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This paper focuses on why police brutality is a major issue in our society today, as it affects African Americans. Throughout this paper, police brutality as it is directed toward African Americans will be thoroughly explained and the main factors associated with it. It will also show the relationship that links police brutality and African Americans. The portion of my paper entitled “Reaction” will then discuss how the narrative has raised my insights in regard to my own comfort zone, triggers and learning edge as defined by Miller and Garran. Finally, in the conclusion, this paper will discuss what has been learned in completing the self-reflection analysis on colorblind racism/white supremacy in addition to potential solutions to resolving…show more content…
African Americans are more likely to be the victims of police brutality; discrimination certainly plays a role in that disparity. I can’t breathe is what Eric Garner repetitively shouted while police had him in a chokehold. This chokehold was the cause of Eric Garner death. The confrontation was caught on video, and spread throughout the media and all over the world. People from all over was able to hear about this incident, and many protests manifested throughout the United States. People marched through the streets filled with anger, in hopes of informing others about the brutal incidents involving police brutality. Discriminatory police violence is by no means a new phenomenon in the United States. Violence amongst African Americans has deep historical roots and persists today in multiple forms; to have come a long way, yet in the present with everything that has been going on it seems like nothing is changing. A number of these incidents are being caught on camera yet, there is little to no justice. Even with the proof of police misconduct against minorities, yet “the law” tends to find their way around the actual facts. A lot of African Americans are targeted by the police because of how they look; or simply because of the community they live in. Police officers have a type they go for and consider “suspicious” which are African Americans. Since the time that Africans were bought to America, they have been the victims of “racist” and discriminatory practices that have been spurred by those who create and enforce the law. Those who been targeted by the police experience many symptoms such as; increased vigilance and suspicion, increased sensivity to threat, increased psychological and physiological symptoms. The victims can feel the effects of this abuse for a lifetime. Consequences of police brutality may cause death, court cases, racial
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