African American Police Research Paper

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The presence of this hidden practice of the police is also prevalent in African American communities and has shaped African Americans’ perception of the police. One quote that explains the temperament of African Americans towards the police is, “One of the most reliable findings in research on attitudes toward police is that citizen distrust is more widespread among African-Americans than whites” (Brunson 2007:73). “African Americans have had to deal with aggressive policing associated with racial profiling and other direct experiences with racial discrimination that lead to lasting adverse effects on individual perceptions of the police. For example, in predominantly black neighborhoods they are always pat down for drugs no matter where they go” (Brunson 2007:76). “If they see us every five…show more content…
Or we be chillin’ in front of the store, [they] get out checking everybody” (Brunson 2007:84). Experiences such as these have led to a domino effect in the African-American community, where if one person has a negative personal experience with the police it will be shared with friends and family and they will also have disdain for law enforcement. To them, the police do not see high hopes for African Americans. “If an African American had fancy clothes or had a lot of money their first thought would not be that this person worked hard but more along the lines of this person has been selling drugs” (Brunson 2007:85). Also, the police officers are seen as crooked by African Americans because they have been known as lawbreakers instead of law-enforcers (Brunson 2007:85). For example, William described how the police took $300 from his cousin who they suspected of selling drugs. He explained: “[The police] took his money ‘cuz he had like a large amount of money on him, but he didn’t sell no drugs or

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