African American Pop Music

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African Americans have made huge contributions to make music what it is today. Pop music would not be what is today if it wasn’t for African Americans. It all started with R&B, Soul, and Funk music. Each of these genres have their own unique sound. Artist use different instruments, singing styles, and different forms of expression create these genres.
R&B is still one of the most popular genres. R&B stands for rhythm and blues. An example of traditional R&B is the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. This song as many instruments in it. This song contains a saxophone, piano, drums, bass. The singer sings the song in a solo vocal style but is accompanied by background singers who harmonize throughout the song. This song about staying together though the good and bad times. That no matter what happens, you always stay together. He sings in the last verse “C 'mon, let 's, let 's stay together, I 'll keep on lovin ' you whether, whether times are, oh times are good or times are bad”
Soul has also influenced music today. An example of traditional soul music is the song “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye. This song contains a guitar, drums, piano, and a bass. He sings this song solo. This song is an example of Motown Soul. The song has a smooth groovy gospel
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Michael Jackson sends another message to the world in the song “Earth Song”. In this song, he sings about the beauty of nature but how we humans are destroying it with war, hatred, and bitterness. He sings “Did you ever stop to notice, All the children dead from war, did you ever stop to notice, this crying earth, these weeping shores.” The chorus in the song contains no words. He sings “Aah, ooh” to represent the Earth crying. The song has a gospel sound to it. The song starts off with few instruments. Mainly just piano, synthesizers. You can hear a guitar playing blues riffs. Then the song picks up tempo when the drums starts to come in. The intensity of his voice becomes stronger and background singer
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