African American Racism

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In science fiction films many different races are represented: African Americans, Italians, Asians, Aboriginals, etc. For this essay, I am going to observe how this movie genre portrays African Americans by analyzing the film series Men in Black. Furthermore, I believe these films view this race negatively which indicates a racial divide in society. But first I am going to identify how this movie genre depicts the race and culture of African Americans.
In “Some Things We Know About Aliens,” by Istvan Csicsrey, Jr, discusses how science fiction movies depict the other as being an alien, monster, or creature who seems familiar . Furthermore, Istvan Csicsrey states how the “other” refers to people who “belong... to another family, race, nation, resident, foreign in origin” . Moreover, supernatural beings signify individuals from different cultures and races. But why do we associate aliens with different races? Because how characters in a movie react to an alien reflects how people in society respond to people from different cultures . Consequently, these films with aliens allow the audience members to understand what is lacking in society, class conflict, and racism: meaning one can critique society through these films . As a result, this article discusses how in science fiction movies the supernatural beings are people from different races and suggest that we should reflect upon these films . The next article explains how science fiction films specifically depict African
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