African American Rap Music

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The music industry covers a vast spectrum of styles and genres. The public demand for this has grown over the years and even the uncommon is common in the world of music. Additionally, public demand for access to music now has grown and changed over the years, changing the way companies and artists deliver their music message to the public. Technology has opened the door to artist in a way that gives them exposure but this exposure lacks education of the industry itself. New artist emerge every day and even then it takes a unique, creative and different type of talent to soar. This research will focus specifically on the struggle of African American rap artist. Many of these African Americans become famous and wealthy because of their ability…show more content…
Still they must have a way to survive and make a living. The lack of financial opportunities and also being confined to their local area has created many occupational deficiencies for the African Americans community and without those necessity places African Americans in an position where they are no longer in control of themselves or their community (Whiteford, 2000, p.201). This has caused unfathomable issues among the African American community, "Black skin exacts a social cost" writes (Russel-Brown, 2004, 87). The profession of manufacturing, consuming rap music first begun out of the hip-hop street culture in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York in the mid-1970s. This profession a way out of their current situation and now rap becomes their occupation and means to provide. According to Pyatak, & Muccitelli, (2011) Rap music has become a very influential style for artists to express their thoughts throughout the world. Rap is often mistaken for fostering act of violence, illegal drug use, and criminal acts, and notions that Caucasian Americans have more administrative, social, and are born into money more so than African Americans .Economic capital and finances are a major issue among African American rappers. The rap game of the past has evolved and it no longer a boys club where men are the voices of rap. Men and women have emerged as stars but still financial education is lacking. Even though it is acceptable to be a female rapper, the music industry is much like a cooperate America and there remains a glass ceiling for women. According to Rebollo-Gil & MORAS (2012) General business knowledge of the music industry does not implies that an artist can bring a company record sell. If the individual has just one of the following characteristics: great personal appearance, great music, and a great personality do not mean that they will sell records. It takes an artist to work within their budget, many man hours are used to

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