African American Responsibilities

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African Americans Responsibilities

WEB Dubois wrote an essay in which he said that african Americans and minorities had a responsibility to work hard achieve success because of all the hardship and sacrifices their ancestors had experienced. Just by being an African American is harsh from other racial groups. It 's a struggle to find a job and to retain it. Because our ancestors have faced with slavery and segregation. They fought for us (the youth) to have a better life than theirs. A lazy life cannot be an option.

The owners (European settlers) wanted a way to have servants to do their personal work,this is when Slavery started. Millions of Africans were brought to America. Many businessmen became rich on slaves trades. ”One of the
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Just in the matter of time,people were getting tired of cruel behavior. The large angry groups/mobs demanded a leader. And that 's where Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr. came in. He was a minister with a lot to say about his people. Words he spoke made him become a leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Another courageous leader was Rosa Parks. Arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white man on a bus (1955). This caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott: when blacks stopped using public transportation. Eventually,Sit-ins , swim-ins, kneel-ins, drive-ins,and study-ins was the aftermath. “In the turbulent decade and a half that followed,Civic Rights activists used nonviolent protest and civil disobedience to bring about change.” - Eric Foner and john A. Garraty. Big groups used the ins to get attention from all over the country. Using cameras helped the idea and aware what was happening to african americans. The actions made people from all over to support. Marches,speeches,signs,etc were concluded everywhere to get the word out. With all the attention from the civil rights acts brought the supreme court to end segregation in…show more content…
In conclusion us African americans and minorities should work hard. We have to prove ourselves every day. We will always contain a stereotype of us being lazy and lacking knowledge. Knowing that our ancestors had to pave the way for us to have freedom. Disturbing moment in history like slavery and segregation. They couldn 't do half the stuff we are able to achieve today. We are able to read, write,and to go to school. Another reason blacks should work hard is because of today 's world. Racism will never die, we will have to live with it forever. Hundreds of young african american males are being murdered, it 's hard for us to find a job, and the rate keeps increasing about minorities dropping out. we still have a responsibility to grow a better rep and life for ourself for them to
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