African American Single Motherhood

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In chapter 4 in the Pathways to Resiliency: Black and Latinos Families in America textbook I read that formation and establishing intimate relationships are important psychosocial tasks during teenage years and young adulthood. One possible explanation for this research is the assumption that youthful relationships tend to be casual and short term in nature. It is crucial to examine romantic relationships between young people because they play as important role in their future relationships.
In one study found that many young people held unrealistic expectations to be related to decreased relationship satisfaction and stability among adults. However, studies have not examined young mothers’ relationships expectations, their findings indicated
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American women in general are displaying nontraditional actions regarding the family life cycle. When examine African American women specifically, there seem to be more quick changes happening at the family life cycle stage of coupling and marriage when compared with the general U.S. population. Although, there is a major number of African American single fathers, there is a higher percentage of African American single mothers. Many of academic research have been based on pinpointing and addressing social problems has been geared toward studying African American. Over centering on an exact group within a race with exact variables can create racial stereotypes. African American single mothers have had negative connotations because of false traditional rules for family life. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a single mother. The major disadvantages of being a single mother is the imbalance in parental responsibilities, financial hardships, and a loss of emotional support. However, the major advantages of being a single mother is emotional support from their children, having a flexible work schedule, increased independence and financial assistant with grants. In conclusion, there are programs devised to assist single mothers who seek
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