Frederick Douglass: The Abolitionist Movement

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The abolitionist movement has been highly influenced by former African American Slave, Frederick Douglass. He is an important leader of the abolitionist movement that argues slavery is an unnecessary evil. Having never received a formal education, Frederick Douglass has been able to create a strong reform movement. In addition, Douglass is a successful orator and author who wrote many best selling books. His strong work ethic and intelligence make him highly fit for the University. I believe that Frederick Douglass would flourish at The University of the United States because he fights for the abolishment of slavery with the power of words.
Frederick Douglass was able to become a leader in the abolitionist movement. He has formed his own opinions about the reform that differed from other popular abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison. Douglass believes that the US Constitution is an
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He has been able to show the public what actually occurred while he was a slave. He published books such as The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave and the Life and Time of Frederick Douglass. Though Douglass’s view is not as popular as abolitionists like Garrison his ideas were very impactful. An abolitionist, Wendell Phillips, used the fable of “The man and the Lion,” as a metaphor of Douglass’s book. The Lion talks about how he is being mistreated by the man similarly Frederick Douglass has been able to write history from the viewpoint of the Lion or the underdog. In addition, Douglass focuses heavily on the physiological aspect of slavery. How it affected his mind while he was on the plantation. He heard the cries of slaves being whipped and he has seen the blood and the scars. Though he was a self-taught scholar, Douglass has been able to use his emotions and writing to influence his success in the abolitionist
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