African American Slave Trade Essay

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Slave trade were the black African people who were being sold and taken to the North America and European countries for their goods to be traded. This system of trading was started in the mid-17th century where European traders capture them for months and months to do their business. The journey of slavery began in the interior of Africa where they give to a weak tribal state to stronger one. Slave was served for two reasons; control of racial in the white country and for labor system. There were three kinds of slaves who were being the slave for different reasons. Some were due to conquest, unpaid debt and whose parents gave their children as a slave to the tribal chief.
In the history of America, it was believed that slave trade was essential
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The population started growing, the farming style also improved as African population increase before European arrived. During this period, the task was specialized, and technological advancement took place. The population grew day by day, by which the villages developed into urban areas. They also developed the art and architecture side by side. In this period politics began to be organized and became complex. Not only politics but the religion rites also became complex. The captain of Portuguese who went to the coast of Benin and from there he got the permission of gold trade, ivory, and slaves. After getting the permission they started doing slave trade. Europeans were most powerful so they did a sudden assault to Africa’s coast and proceed in the domestic kidnapping and helpless people. Africans seller used to sale slaves and in return European’s gun, textiles, rums, copper, beads, and various important material used to be on their farm. African societies were engaged in overland slave for a long time, which transported slave from West Africa across the Sahara Desert to Roman Europe and the Middle East. Cargo of Manufactured goods from Europe to the west part of Africa was trading through ships which were operated smoothly as those goods were being traded by

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