African American Slavery

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Slavery the ownership and exploitation of one person by another is one of the oldest social relationships in human history. According to James Illingworth, “Slave labor was the basis for the wealth and prestige of ancient Greece and Rome. But the form of slavery that emerged in Europe’s American colonies was very different from the slavery of antiquity. New World slavery emerged as part of the developing capitalist world economy.” This was designed to produce raw materials and staple crops such as cotton, sugar, and tobacco for export back to the markets of Europe. This combination of an archaic labor system and the capitalist profit drive helped to define chattel slavery in the Americas. Slavery has indeed shape the lives of African Americans…show more content…
I say this because as a slave the first thing they see when arriving was the sea and a slave ship waiting for its cargo. These ships were filled with many other slaves that was emotionally…show more content…
First, stage marks a difference between slavery in the upper colonies, where slaves were mainly used for domestic work and some manufacturing, and in the lower colonies, where slaves were used in agricultural work. Second, stage marks a shift from the southeastern region where slaves produced rice, indigo, and tobacco to the fertile delta region of Mississippi, central Alabama, and southeastern Georgia where cotton was grown. Third, is the main stage of slavery occurred when cotton became King and dominated the entire economy of the South. It also feature the entire U.S economy as well. Based on this changing pattern in the demand for slave labor, the geographical distribution of slaves changed from an initial concentration in the southeastern coastal area to the western part of the South Mississippi. The social organization or division of labor of slaves during the reign of King Cotton must be considered as well. On the plantation, there was a difference between house slaves and field slaves. For example, the difference between service workers and production workers. Not only that, there was a difference in between life on the plantation and the life in the city. The structure of the plantations was monolithic and mostly limited to what the plantations was on. But, in the city there was this great diversity and density that life was more cosmopolitan. Also, in the city, there was a difference
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