The Pros And Cons Of The Slavery System

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The slavery system was very unfair to many African Americans that had only wanted freedom. Some had been forced to come here and they were treated like things not like people. What I will be talking about is the treatment, what they did, their restrictions, and what their “duties” were.
The treatment of the slaves was terrible, they had to work all day and they would get paid maybe one dollar a week. They would be plantations in the South, where most of the slaves were located. Many of the slaves would have to plant cotton and always pick it so they could speed up the process of making cotton. In 1790, they started using slave labor, there were about 698,000 African American slaves. Due to the rapid increase of African Americans, cotton was
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We now know it is wrong to own people and use them to do your work and work them to death or close to it. Without them going through that, I don’t think that we would be that far in the industrial side of the United States. They created a lot of things while being enslaved such as music and they made everything a little quicker and improved everything that would need fixed.
There were more negatives than there were positives though, the African Americans were mistreated when they were forced to move here. They were also being auctioned off like something in a bid, like a coffee table you might buy in a garage sale. The positives is lasting today and the negatives everyone remembers what happened a the plantation in the South. They dealt with a lot of hate from everyone, in the North and the South, a bunch of discrimination against them everywhere. They couldn’t get a job anywhere if it was a good job that another white American wanted that job they had to have a that nobody else wanted. They got stuck as house keepers, maids, and kind of janitors, or people that cleaned. They were denied rights that everyone else had like the right to go to school or to do other
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