African American Social Issues

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1. As I engaged in watching the video "Young, Black and Male in New Orleans” several social issues was addressed. First, one of the issues is the significant gap in poverty among minorities and whites, specifically African Americans. African American is two to three times more likely to be poor then white children. Furthermore, black children are more than seven times more likely to spend more than half of their childhood years in poverty. Secondly, the issues around 52% African American men are unemployed in New Orleans. The lack of job skilled and education opportunities is two issues contributed to the high Black male unemployment rate. In addition, the rehabilitation process for convicted felons is dreadfully weak. Finding a job with a felony status is extremely difficult.
I desire to emphasize on the children in poverty issue. There are several social programs put in effect by the government to assist kids while in poverty. The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 was created to help remove families from dependence of the government and work to construct the families self-sufficient. This act would then benefit the children by helping to break the cycle of poverty when they reach adulthood. The programs under
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The issue at hand is that refugees are risking their lives by traveling to area where they can possibly redeem their human rights or asylum. Numerous refugees are migrating north through the Balkan Peninsula away from poverty or war stricken areas. Yes, this is a social justice issue. Rohingya people are being discriminated against in Myanmar in Southeast Asia because of their religion. Rohingya people have been denied citizenship unless they can prove residence since 1948. Rohingya basic human rights have been violated. Rohingya people as a majority are Muslim, while a majority of Myanmar’s is Buddhist. I believe no one deserves to be labeled as an outsider or placed in inhuman living conditions for the reason that they choose to serve as their higher

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