African American Stereotypes

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So this is something I am really going to talk about. The word Stereotype, don’t you just love the word? If you don’t know what stereotyping is, I will tell you (THIS IS MY OWN DEFINITION). When you stereotype, you are exaggerating an idea about a certain group. This is horrible because this is saying that everyone is a certain way; and they can’t be anything else. That is putting everyone in a certain category, making people feel isolated, especially if they are young. I hear about stereotypes every day if it is by my peers or social media. I would like to talk about a stereotype I get all the time. The statement is as follows, “ Southerners are people who like country music; if you don’t; your not southern”. Now, my family is the definition…show more content…
This is when blacks weren’t known to be respectful human beings. There are so many black people I know who are the complete opposite. When the civil rights were over, it started to give a bad rap to white people though to blacks. This is because whites did not treat them well as you would treat another person. What’s worse is that the younger blacks, which weren’t born during that time period, have history and movies to use to want to give us a stereotype. Now whites have the stereotype of, “ every white person is privileged”. Yeah, that is completely wrong as our words to the colored folk. My family went through a lot of financial issue, which meant we weren’t really “privileged”. Right now, we live in a two-room apartment with the smallest kitchen in the world! But that is only one experience; there have to be many more around. Now I am not saying that sense I have had a specific experience disproving this, doesn’t mean it is not true. I would have to say that there are thousands of white families who could disprove it. Another thing I have to say is that the backs weren’t that wrong to bring up the stereotype. We did it to them so they will do it to us. It is kind of like how if “ Someone hits you, you hit them
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