African-American Stereotypes In Advertising

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Introduction Advertising is a billion dollar industry in the United States of America and companies put a great deal of effort into creating their ads. It is therefore logical to assume that the finished advertisement portrays exactly what the advertiser intends to portray. This indicates that the stereotypes that portray various ethnic and minority groups are not accidental. Advertisers not only use spoken and written language to portray various stereotypical roles, but they also use semiotics to communicate and convey meaning within their advertisements. They manipulate images and settings to evoke specific interpretations from consumers that causes them to connect meaning to their products and attach feelings and sentiment to their brands. This paper examines the influence of advertisements on minority communities in America and hypothesizes that stereotyping in advertisements creates problems for minority groups and harms individual members of these groups. This paper investigates advertisement stereotyping of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Italian Americans and gender stereotypes in order to determine whether there is a common denominator in the way stereotyping effects these various groups. Annotated Bibliography Curry, G. E. (2007). African-American Stereotypes in Advertising and its Effects on Society. Savannah State University. This paper focuses on the views of African Americans towards stereotypical portrayals of people of color

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