African American Stereotypes Of Beauty

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Most of women around the globe not only in United States define beauty due to physical appearance such as women’s hair. Everyone has their own insecurities. Therefore, I chose this research due to a friend of mine who always compliment my hair. Since I am Asian, they tend to categorize my hair with super soft and silk texture. I have a long hair and radiant hair. Therefore, all the funny stereotypes tends to go “you eat a lot of fish that is why” but I rarely eat them. On the other hand, one of my other friend who is African Asian American have similar texture as mine. Again, this is rare or uncommon to the norm. My friend was never complimented due to the fact some people do not believe it’s natural. They made conclusions about her hair are fake and trying to be white girl.…show more content…
Little did they know, my friend is mix Indian and African descent. However, her African American genes is somewhat obvious than being Asian. With that being said, her hair is different because she got the Asian silky hair.

What makes this research important is how we judge people and their identity through to physical appearance that can lead into other topic such as bullying or racial discrimination. Some of the stereotypes we’ve been heard using our appearance specifically our hair is blond white are being stupid or dumb without even knowing their abilities and knowledge. This is a great example of how our identity are shape because we tend to be different from the norm. The media such as the television had greatly impact the views of society. In this research, it will help us to think why we have to differentiate others. Why do we have to label each other and how these
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