African American Studies Class Reflection

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I have learned that African American studies courses are very vital to American history and culture. I have had the opportunity, through lectures, readings, research, class discussions, notes and personal opinions to be enlightened. With the trough of new knowledge that I have acquired from this class I am able to carry on meaningful conversations and dialogues about the African American and the struggle for equality. Unlike gender inequality that transcends both white and black, the African American struggles were confined to a single race. Growing up, I acquired little to no knowledge about Africa and its history. The very little I knew were from my father who is from Ghana, West Africa. Many times I would think he was embellishing the truth when he tells me about the old West African Empires and how Africa was rich in natural resources before the slave trade began. I have learned in this class that there is truth to what my father tells me daily. I have learned about the power Empires that existed in West Africa long before the white man set foot on the continent. I have learned about the trade routes, and the early civilizations in in Timbuktu. This class has given me wealth of knowledge and taught me about how the…show more content…
This class has taught me that our per capita income is still less than white Americans. African American infant mortality rate is still higher than white Americans. I have learned that Jazz music was an African American derivative that muffed into Bebop; all of which were used to express sentiments of the plight of the African American. I have learned that Harlem was the start of African American art and culture and still is today. Many great African American musicians and artists got their start from Harlem. This class has taught me to appreciate what each and every one of our forbearers has
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