African American Themes In August Wilson's Fences

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In August Wilsons Fences, it is does not take long to develop an idea of what the play will be looking at by examining the time frame and setting in Pittsburgh where life for African Americans was difficult from opportunities in the workplace, to opportunities athletically, hence in Fences the African American experience is put forth by highlighting racism and a number of other themes that went on during that time frame. When first reading August Wilsons biography it is apparent that he himself had a trying life, but also had first hand experiences with African Americans as his step father was a former football player and an ex con, which gives readers a bit more of an understanding as to why perhaps Wilson was so passionate about the way that African Americans were treated in the time frame, as the description of a former athlete who served time in prison follows the mold of the main character in Fences Troy. Fences, highlights Troy’s struggles throughout his life, through his rough history with his father who he ultimately left at a very young age due to abuse, to serving time in prison where he picked up baseball and if not for the time frame could have been a professional player. Ultimately leading him to where the story begins as a garbage collector unhappy with the way African Americans are not allowed to drive the trucks but only be the collectors, as well as a father and husband. I believe the way the story starts off where Troy is complaining that only the
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