African American Vernacular Research Paper

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African-American Vernacular is a language spoken in the African-American community on a daily basis. It is a part of history and it continues to grow and become way of life for most African-American to understand the meaning of certain things. It’s easy to lean about new things or explain complicated things with the use of African-American vernacular. African-American vernacular is a simple version of standard American English. I am not one hundred percent sure whether or not AAE should be treated as a separate language, I am more of 50/50. It should be treated as a separate language because sometimes the context when using Standard English and AAE can be completely different. There a few saying that only the black community understand and…show more content…
Their real name becomes irrelevant, and they now are "felicia". Words or phrases similar to those are spoken languages that a black person will understand. AAE is a another way for black people to express themselves, they might not know the meaning of certain words that people use on SAE, but the same goes the other way around. People who speak in SAE may not know much about AAE, but yet SAE is considered the proper language to speak in, they are discriminating against the way African- American speak because they do not understand it, that is why I believe that AAE should not be treated as a separate language.
I believe that it is important for African-American to lean SEA for job purposes, because it can help you have the career, most employees will not hiring someone if they come in and speak Ebonics to them. If you want to work for company then you have to speak their language. If African-American have to lean SAE then other non-African-American have to learn AAE, especially if a non-African-Americans are trying to sell a product or promote something in the black community, it’s good to
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