African-American Women Barriers

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In today’s society despite of the progress women have reached there are still barriers that are placed in society. According to author “Thirty-four percent of all families headed by women are poor: the rates are higher for African American women, Latinas and Native American women, and the rate has been increasing” (Andersen, 2015, p. 3). The previous statistics reveal that even living in a society were “equality for both genders” is usually advocated, women’s are still suffering the biggest discrimination in the workplace and in society. Even professional women working full time are being paid less than males. Moreover, professional women are continuously suffering from barriers such as the glass ceiling effect this clearly affect women from raising to upper level positions.…show more content…
In addition, single mothers (usually Latinas and African American) suffered the biggest impact economically because they are the ones who lived under food-insecure households. Living under a conservative society where sex is usually unspeakable (home and school) but there are a huge increment of single

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