African American Women In Student Affairs Essay

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While some researchers have focused on both males and females in student affairs, Henry (2010) focused on African-American women. Henry (2010) purposed to add to the body of knowledge regarding African-American women in student affairs, as women student affairs are rarely researched and little information is available about their experiences. Henry (2010) interviewed three African-American administrators in student affairs regarding their experiences to answer questions regarding (a) what are some of the positive work-place factors for African American women in student affairs? (b) what are some of the work-place challenges faced by African-American women in student affairs? (c) do African-American women in student affairs experience or perceive racism in the workplace? (d) what advice do African-American women in student affairs offer to new African-American women entering the profession? (e) what services and resources can colleges and universities offer to assist African American women…show more content…
African American Women in Higher Education
From the first African American women to earn a college degree to the first African American women college president, African American women in higher education have had a range of seclusion experiences throughout the history of American education. This section will briefly explore the historical timeline of the African American women experience in higher education as students, faculty, and
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