African American Women Research Paper

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“I am more than just a BLACK WOMEN”

The way African American women are judged is starting to become ridiculous and the list of the names that these women are being called is steady growing. I decided to focus on what is going on in the world today that has happened in the past. Out of all of the women that exist in the world African American women are the targets of American. It is hard to even walk in a store without being labeled as “ghetto, ratchet, a baby mama, gold diggers, or angry.” The world does not view us as successful women who are doing great things. During this semester we have covered many topics that addressed how women were treated during the slavery days. One particular story that we read was “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar
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I questioned myself because I didn’t know the cashier’s reasons for calling them ghetto. I asked myself questions such as: what was they wearing? Is it because they usually come to this store and act out of character or was the cashier just judging them because of their race? The crazy part is it’s becoming so common that even the African American men are calling these women everything but their actual names.
In “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Baby: An American Grammar Book,” Hortense Spiller opens up the reading by focusing on the names that America has given African American women. (Hortense 64) She tries to explain how America judges them only because the color of their skin. Spiller talks about her own personal feelings about the way that these women were treated throughout her story. She mentions the positive as well about these women how they were the backbones of the family and how they took care of the
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