African American Women In The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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This research question is significant because many African American women were involved in the Civil Rights Movements but their actions are always underestimated and their input is usually not recognized. These women were very significant during this time and had been very successful in starting their civil rights organizations projects as well as jumping in and serving as lawyers on school campuses. This is worthy of study because the Civil Rights Movements was a chain reaction that changed the world, and the fact women were getting involved and trying to make a difference was a great deal back then. As well as, the fact that these African American women were seen as minorities, yet they did in fact , alter the outcome for their social progress in the movements. They took matters into their own hands because they saw how badly they were being treated and how they also were being perceived as worthless people. The African American women's leadership has a great impact on the movement and this needs to be exhibited and these influential women should be venerated for their courage and for their voice. African american women's leadership was a great impact on the Civil rights movements because of the social progress gained,increase in participation, and their struggles were…show more content…
Diane is a exemplifies this idea perfectly because she was a student leader of Freedom Riders, which was a group of students who travelled to Southern states and protested in the bus terminals. The main purpose of these rides was to challenge the South by using restrooms that were branded to be for whites only and many more similar acts. Diane founded and led the Selma Voting Rights Movement. Diane Nash is an important leader because she was not only a student leader, but also founded the SNCC, which stands for Student Nonviolent Coordinating
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