African Americans After Reconstruction

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The Reconstruction of the United States After the war, there were many things going on in the Unites States. The south had lost the value of their land and the cotton, their main source of money. The taxes went up due to new public schools and the need to rebuild cities that were destroyed in the south. During this time the civil rights amendments were passed as well. However, some people still wanted control over the former slaves. To counter the 13th amendment southern states passed a series of laws called the black codes. They had the intent to restrict African American’s freedom.They made african americans compelled to work labor based jobs in the economy. They only received low wages or were only doing it to pay off debt. So even though they were free, the white southerners still wanted control of the African Americans in the south. That lasted for a year after the civil war. After the black codes were abolished power hungry southerners resorted to bribery and torture to prevent radical republicans from getting in the government. .…show more content…
Up in the North, there are a few people that afraid of the African Americans, and what they would do. But over time, they are growing to like them and feel comfortable around them. Most people in the North though are excited for the newly freed people, and they are celebrating with them. But down South, it is completely different story. A group called the Ku Klux Klan was formed, the members of the KKK waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed towards white and black Republican leaders. The Southern people are not so welcoming towards African Americans, they wish that they would either return to being slaves or go back to Africa or where they were taken from. These laws affected both the north and the south. The North had a big hand in helping the South
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