African Americans And Voting Rights

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Liberty, equality and justice, were not always rights given to all people born in the United States of America. Throughout the history of this great nation, African Americans have been targeted and denied the ability to exert the rights to vote. Although the denial of these rights is noticeable through our history books, one of the outstanding, and conceals the others rights, this being the right to be equal as there Anglo brothers. The right to vote is one example where blacks were denied the right to exert their freedom. The Voting Right act signed to law by President Lyndon Johnson on August 6, 1965, provided for a direct federal protection that enabled African Americans to register to vote, and to vote without discrimination on the basis of race, and color. This particular act of 1965 gave African Americans not only a legal stand to test their rights but also allowed them to register for the election, and the opportunity to run for both, state and federal office positions.…show more content…
Although the 15th Amendment gave African-American the right to vote, many officials found a variety of loopholes that will diminish, and in most cases denied the voting right of African Americans, the right to be
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