African Americans In Liberia Essay

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The overwhelming growing population of free, black slaves was starting to concern the government of the United States. They feared that those who are still slaves would be motivated to impose for their freedom; therefore, revolt against the government. It was a problem they wished would never arise. In 1817, the American Colonization Society was formed. Their aim was to send free African-Americans in Africa, which they bought land in Liberia for the immigrants to settle in. Although, it was right to emancipate the free slaves, they did not quite consider the effects of letting these slaves and the Natives of Liberia interact with each other. The Natives treated the new settlers hostilely because of their association with the US. The blacks…show more content…
The society encouraged slaveholders that in exchange for their freedom they must relocate to Liberia. Over the course of 40 years, they relocated about 12,000 slaves and they made up about 5% of the population in Liberia. Liberia 's population consisted of 16 ethnic groups, the indigenous people did not appreciate the presence of the immigrants. Most articles mentioned that the African-Americans faced the affliction of discrimination from the natives in Liberia. Furthermore, these newcomers died due to lack of food and disease was spreading like wildfire. The new arrivals had reinforcements from the US, hence the ability to own the best quality of resources. Because of their connection to the US, the African-Americans would sell lands and resources to the US at a cheap price. Ironically, Liberia has now turned into a land of exploitation and racism by the very people who left America because of it. Incidentally, between the periods of 1848-1860, approximately 2,000 settlers were intrigued by the idea of emigrating to Liberia but they lost interest when the American Civil War was occurring. At that time, they had faith that there was a possibility to receive justice, which they did. Due to their victory, they saw no apparent reason to emigrate to
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