African Americans In The 20th Century Essay

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Some might believe that we are done with the dog days we say stuff like, “Oh there is no more racism,” or “Racism is over we have a black president now.” In addition, just because we have a black president does not mean racism is over, one person cannot make racism end, something that has been occurring for various centuries since the first ship arrived to Jamestown in 1607. As we have seen over and over these ongoing trends of dehumanizing people of color and how that is affecting them now. If you do not believe that racism and segregation does not exist anymore well black people where there are unstable social and economically and black were out of the housing market, where they could not buy a home where white people lived. (The House We…show more content…
For their skin tone, their features, and because of their heritage. As this happened in the early 20th century there still is this division between white people and people of color. While, we believe that there is nothing to worry about in the world that there is no more discrimination, but there is a color line, where there still segregation between the whites and other ethnicities. Next, some people think that everything is ok in the world that after slavery ended there was nothing to worry about. In reality there was a lot that did not work out after slavery. There was a grim future awaiting African Americans segregation, lynching, race riots, and what W. E. B. Du Bois called “the problem of the color line.” (Takaki, 7) There was still discrimination awaiting and there was cruel segregation of schools, work, and housing making difficult times for African Americans to start their lives after slavery. Post-racial society does not exist when people have the same opportunity socially, economically, and political. We see today there are little diversity in politics and that we still see white people as good and powerful and blacks as criminals and
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