African Americans In The Second World War Essay

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From the beginning of the 1900s, African Americans have been limited from opportunities in healthcare, education, occupations, and representation. With United States entering into World War I on April 6, 1917, many African Americans were denied when they volunteered to serve in the army and military. President Woodrow Wilson’s phrase “to make the world safe for democracy” was soon realized by the African Americans to be limited. As United States became involved in the Great War, many white people believed in the “black scare” so they did not support in the African Americans being drafted, armed, and trained. Some African Americans believed that they should not be expected to participate in war related activities because they believe it was a white man battle for their rights. Problems arose as the possibilities of drafting African Americans in the war such as if African Americans would be trained in the same training camps as white men. Many generals debated the actual function of black troops, where it is best to train them, and whether black officers should be entrusted with commanding them in battle. It was argued…show more content…
This can be seen through the treatment and rights of Africans Americans in the time period. Most of the African Americans had non combat roles in WWI due to racial reasons, however they began to take more combat roles as WWII as they were granted to. As time passed by from the 1900s, African Americans can be seen to obtain more rights and equality. The war years could be seen as crucial to the development of obtaining their rights through their military service as well as affect the social and economic impact of the war. They helped put African Americans into a more successful position of equality, while supporting United States in winning the wars by becoming soldiers, marine corps, army air corps, and freedom flyers in World War
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