African Americans In Today's Society

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What is one of the main reasons people come to America? The United States of America is advertised as a place where everyone is equal with equal opportunities. Americans strive for equality, but it has not fully been reached. Today, some white Americans have more privileges than African Americans, and some African Americans have more privileges than other races. Things such as jobs, scholarships, colleges, and news media focus on the difference of races. These dividing factors put a bigger strain on the racism in America. The truth is that both African Americans and white Americans have their own advantages and disadvantages in today’s society. The strain between black and white people has been blown out of proportion in the recent years by the races and media. One of the most recent outbreaks that display the tension between…show more content…
When it was released that Officer Wilson was found not guilty, things got very rowdy in the small town in Missouri. The media played a big role in this outbreak because they have a way of twisting words, interviewing the wrong people, and making the incident bigger than it needs to be. The black people broke out into riots, set things on fire, and broke into places. How do we know this? The news had live footage of the building being burned and the riots. The media got peoples attention and made more African Americans around the US angry at the jury decision of Brown vs. Fergusson. The black people took the bait, went on rants, and started the “black lives matter” campaign. This could offend some white people who feel as if the African Americans are trying to make their lives matter more.The truth is that all lives matter. If the roles had been reversed, a black cop shot a white male, the white Americans would have not rioted or started a new campaign about how there lives matter too. The media is the starts the drama, but the race took the situation out of
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