African Americans Should Be Used To Be Free Essay

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The U.S used to be a free open land. Native Americans used to roam this land by themselves along with other tribes. They would go out looking for supplies and what they needed. Later on
Europeans came along. When they met the tribes they saw a great opening to trade with them. As time passed by they started to settle and bring in more people. Later on they started to push the natives away from their freedom and their land. They used them as slaves, so that they could do the Europeans job.
This is where freedom was becoming a problem. More and more people arrived bringing slaves from Africa using them for everything. The slaves would beg for freedom.
Time went on and people started seeing passed slavery; they wanted everyone to be free, to have
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It 's because of freedom that America is great place, its give everybody an equal opportunity in everything. People are hardily ever discriminated by others and we all get along weigh one another. Not only do adults have equality but so do kids, they can go to what ever school they want and just fit right in with others. They can make friends right away without someone telling them wrong. They can run around and just have a great time.
Freedom takes things to another level for people. Everyone is usually welcomed by people here.
Freedom is enjoy your civil liberty. It 's being personally free, and being able to move or act without outside interference. It gives you the right to enjoy privileges of citizenship. It gives you the liberty of your personal thoughts, or choices. It lets you be who you want to be. But if you take it for granted, then you will end up losing most of it. Other than that it 's there for people to make the best of it.
In these your free to choose your sexuality, choose who you want to marry or be with. You can choose to dress in witch ever way you liked to dress in. You can join witch ever religion you want, and not get judged by others. Freedom has become a great thing these days. It
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