African Colonialism In Africa

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In the first three decades of colonialism, European powers did nothing for Africa. But after the World War 1, European started building social services in Africa. These social services were limited and were distributed in a manner of domination and exploitation. In the book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, it stated that in colonies such as Algeria, South Africa and Kenya social services were built to afford settler luxurious and enjoyable lives. For example in Algeria infant mortality among white settlers was 39 per 1,000 live births and 170 per 1000 live births among Algerians living in towns. This shows that the social services were geared towards the well-being of white settlers. Another example is Nigeria, where they were 34 beds for half-a- million blacks. This situation recurred in other areas in Africa. In total, 4,000 Europeans had 12 modern hospitals while 42 million Africans had 52 hospitals. (Rodney, 2001)
On to the economic sector, they transformed African economies from subsistence economies to dependent economies. Initially, the seized African lands to grow cash crops that were needed in their countries. In colonies such as Rhodesia and Kenya, the British colonial government prevented Africans from producing cash crops. This created conditions whereby Africans were landless so they had to work not only for paying
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In colonial Africa, the colonialists imposed colonial governments. The political states in Africa lost their power, meaning and independence. Some traditional rulers were kept in office and some of the political structure was retained but political power was passed down to foreign overlords. For example French wiped out the large Muslim states of the Western Sudan as well as in Madagascar. British eliminated states in East African lake region, Swaziland, Matabeland, Asante and Yoruba

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